International Day

The Minions had a wonderful day filled with activities all around the World! Thank you to everyone who volunteered and joined us for the day.

Today was special because we went to visit our Preschool reading buddies at their classroom. We read stories to them and played with them in their classroom and play area outside. 

Connections to our Environment

We launched our new Unit of Inquiry about Connections to our Environment. We worked on a "See, Think, Wonder" about some new books that were out in the class. We also went on a nature walk around school to see what we could find that was living and non-living.

Learning to Learn with the Ender Dragons!

Our class, Ms. Holthe's Minions, and Ms. Gibbs's Ender Dragons are together for a new and exciting way to learn -- having two teachers co-teach and working with members of another class. 

A picture was shown to us and and we had to have our detective eyes and thinking caps as we observed the image. We shared our thoughts with a new friend from the other class.

After that, each of us chose a way to express our observations. 
Some of us chose to be creative by drawing or by making models. 

Some of us wrote about what we noticed. 

Others chose to present their ideas through a video presentation of them 
explaining their thoughts.

A couple of learners also tried to explain their ideas through movement like a role-play.

This activity allowed us to reflect on how we prefer to express our thinking. 

New Math Game: Totality!

We learned how to play Totality. It's a great way to practice our addition facts and encourage critical thinking while having fun. Here's a link to the instructions on how to play it:

Totally fun!